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About Us

Michelle St. Arnault, RIS

Financial Advisor

For more than 33 years, Michelle has been helping individuals and families achieve their financial planning goals by providing advice in all areas of financial planning.

In addition to her current role as advisor, Michelle has experience in numerous positions within the industry including:

  • Dealer Partner/Director
  • Branch Manager
  • Provincial Compliance Officer

Michelle works with and is supported by industry professionals and specialists, and by her husband and licensed assistant Dennis St. Arnault.

In her spare time Michelle does a lot of gardening and laughing at her cats, Chico and Teddy.

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Dennis St. Arnault

Licensed Assistant

For more than 40 years as an advisor and certified financial planner, Dennis specialized in the delivery of comprehensive financial planning services. He is now in the administrative supporting role of licensed assistant, able to provide excellent processing and customer service needs.

When not at work Dennis can usually be found on the golf course or power washing the deck.

Mutual Funds Provided Through FundEX Investments Inc.

Chico the Cat

Chico is a short-haired tabby who was rescued from near death by Pacific Cat Clinic, and we adopted him at 4 months old. He is a typical stand-offish type cat who only wants love when he wants it. But for some reason when we are outside in the backyard Chico will follow us wherever we go and incessantly rub up against our legs. Chico slobbers a lot when he purrs.

Chico is also known as: Ch Ch Ch Chico and Cheeky Boy.

Teddy the Cat


Three months after welcoming Chico into our home we adopted Teddy from the BC SPCA. He was a barn cat from Kelowna and was rescued along with 40 other cats from that location. Teddy is grey with a floppy ear. He is a real lap-cat and more affectionate than any cat we’ve ever had. Chico was not amused to have a new cat intrude on his territory, and for three days he relentlessly attacked Teddy. But on day four Chico gave up and now Teddy is the dominant cat! Teddy is a very bad boy. When he is hungry he will knock everything down that he can find, and if he is very indignant, Teddy will bite us on the leg.

Teddy is also known as: Teddy Bear and Brat.