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How Are We Compensated

We are compensated by fees that are based on the asset size of your accounts, and we invest your assets with a focus on low-cost index funds, ETF-based mutual funds, and Fee-Class funds (F-Class).

Benefits of Fee-Based Accounts:

  • Elimination of all sales charges – no front-end loads, no deferred sales charges, no switch fees, no embedded service fees. All purchases are no-load.
  • Tax deductibility – investment advisory fees in non-registered accounts (personal and corporate) may be tax deductible, greatly reducing your fees even further. Check eligibility with a tax specialist.
  • Transparent Tiered Fee Structure – this means that the percentage for the highest range of asset value achieved applies to all assets from first dollar, not just assets within that range. Larger asset bases pay progressively lower fees. Your accounts will be reviewed annually and your fees lowered when applicable.
  • Bulking of Family Assets – we bulk the assets of your entire family so you can all benefit from lower fees.
  • Flexibility – you are not tied to any investments because of deferred sales charges.
  • Reduced Management Fees – our recommended investments are primarily ultra-low-cost index funds, F-Class funds and ETF-based mutual funds.
  • Elimination of Trustee Fees – fee-based intermediary accounts (through B2B Bank) will no longer be charged annual account trustee fees. We pay them for you.